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Maximum Green FoodLobelia Tincture

Lobelia is one of the most powerful and versatile herbs in herbology. It contains fourteen known alkaloids, while other herbs usually only have a few.

Alkaloids are a class of powerful chemicals and are responsible for the herbs effects. Many of today's drugs are derived from the alkaloids of various plants.

Lobelia was once the target of a "witch hunt" in the early 1900's when what has come to be called "modern medicine" or "conventional medicine" was still in its infancy. Generally, this occurs when something is perceived as a threat, or in other words, is effective.

To some extent, this witch hunt is still going on today, so most herbal manufacturers and natural healers don't use Lobelia, which is unfortunate. Lobelia is a sedative and antispasmodic. Some people use it to open their lungs back up during an asthma attack. When I take it I instantly feel a sense of calm descend upon me and my lungs naturally take a deep cleansing breath. Lobelia is known to be one of the only healing herbs with such a dramatic, palpable effect.

In addition to the lungs, it's good for nerve conditions, and is classified as a "nervine" in old natural healing books. Dr. Schulze makes a Nerve Tonic which includes Lobelia as well as other nervine, sedative, and antispasmodic herbs.

You must start with a small dose. If you take too much, it has an emetic effect, meaning it promotes vomiting, but this effect, though perhaps unpleasant, is said to have a healing effect or at least no harmful effect. Some people report miraculous cures after a terrible bout of vomiting after taking Lobelia.

Dr. John Christopher, one of the most respected herbalists of the early 20th century, has many amusing anecdotes about him, one of which involves Lobelia.

Dr. Schulze says that a natural healer should consider Lobelia along with Cayenne as a dynamic duo. Cayenne is Hot, while Lobelia is Cold, and you can take them alternately with some time in between. The Cayenne will stimulate circulation and detoxification, while Lobelia opens up the body, making it more available for other herbs and nutrients from food. This theory is similar to his Hydrotherapy theory.

Ingredients: Organic Lobelia seeds in organic grain alcohol and organic apple cider vinegar.

$20 for a 1 oz. bottle  


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