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Dr. Richard Schulze

One of the many things I've tried on my healing journey was Dr. Schulze's "Incurables Program." Dr. Schulze, like the Clymer Center, which I also greatly respect, really seems to be dedicated to helping people rather than simply making money.

He says that most of the herbal supplements and vitamins you can buy in stores today is "junk." (He has an evangelical spirit and doesn't mince words, which might be off-putting to some people, but from my experience, he is right on when it comes to natural healing. He got into natural healing in a way similar to mine, in that it was to heal himself of a crippling condition for which conventional doctors could provide no help. There is no better teacher than this, but he also learned from many of the great natural healers of the previous generation such as Dr. Christopher, and he ultimately got his doctorate in Natural Healing.)

For reasons why most herbal supplements and vitamins in stores today are "junk" check out my article Who Says Herbs Don't Work???. This article also contains ways you can judge the strength of the supplements.

Dr. Schulze ran a natural healing clinic for many years, so everything he says is based on clinical experience. (This clinic was eventually forced to shut down by the government. My feeling is that Dr. Schulze was too vocal in his arguments against modern medicine, so they used the law against using the words like "cure" or "treat" in anything but FDA or AMA approved treatments to keep him from being too much competition.)

His philosophy is that due to the extra stresses placed upon the body due to our modern environment, the herbal remedies natural doctors use must be made more powerful. The old remedies that worked in times of less stress and less environmental toxins are simply not good enough anymore.

Thus, he advocates making the most powerful formula possible and if it doesn't work, increase the dose. See my article How to Brew the Best Tincture. These instructions are based on those provided by Dr. Schulze.

He believes that everyone can heal themselves. Natural healing is not difficult or complex, as the body is designed to heal itself. It just needs help sometimes.

For this, it needs nutrition, which is often overlooked in natural healing schools because back in the day, people didn't have all the processed food and junk food we do today, so they ate better. He advocates a vegan diet supplemented with superfood. My Maximum Green Food is based on Dr. Schulze's superfood formula.

One of the things I like about Dr. Schulze is that he believes in empowering people. He actually encourages people to take charge of their own health and make their own superfood and tinctures. I started Maximum Herbs to do just this, as well as provide others with the same products at a cheaper price.

Are my products superior as well? Honestly, I don't know, but I, as well as many others, prefer them. Perhaps something is lost when tinctures are mass-produced, despite Dr. Schulze's insistence on following the old, slow brewing methods. Maximum Herbs, on the other hand, is a small, home-based company making the products in small batches.

In addition to poor nutrition, modern life also causes a sluggish digestive system, and this is another thing often overlooked in traditional healing. The large intestine is one of the main organs through which the body gets rid of toxins, so if it's sluggish, the body cannot detoxify itself well. Dr. Schulze says that a normal, healthy person should have 2-4 bowel movements per day. If this is not happening, all kinds of seemingly unrelated ailments can occur, including migraine headaches, heart problems, hormonal problems, nerve problems, etc.

Dr. Schulze says that in his clinic, 80% of his patients, regardless of their complaint, were healed just by cleaning and regularizing their bowel.

In general, any natural healing program should always begin with cleaning and regularizing the bowel if it isn't already. For this, either use Dr. Schulze's products or mine. Mine are Intestinal Moverizer and Intestinal Scrubber, which are both based on Dr. Schulze's formula.


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